Oregon Submission Showdown

The Oregon Submission Showdown went off this past Saturday without a hitch. We had over 50 competitors on the mats for the first ISOF.tv tournament in Oregon.

The format is simple nogi, win by submission in regulation or go into the EBI overtime rounds. From ages 4 and up our nogi jiu jitsu tournament saw competitors from Portlands RenzoGraciePortland.com to Eugenes nwmaacademy.com and 10thplanetjjeugene.com all the way down to Southern Oregons 10thplanetgrantspass.com

With help from the Springfield Armory we were able to use brand new rollup Dollamur mats from the United States Army. We held our event at the Bob Keefer Center for Sports and Recreation. Willamalane has been a very large part of Superhero Jiu Jitsu Academys success and growth and we cannot thank our friends and contacts there enough.

We plan to continue to provide a quality affordable tournament in the Willamette Valley, mostly serving Eugene, Springfield, and the surrounding areas but of course plan to see more and more athletes traveling to compete to win prize money in our Advanced Absolute bracket at the end of the tournament.

Please keep an eye out for our future events in 2018.


Superhero Team