10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Warmups

As a 10th Planet affiliate we pride ourselves in representing every aspect of the affiliation including the warmups. In short the 10th Planet Warmups are designed to give students the ability to put in tons of repetitions in crucial positions and on imperative techniques for any newcomer to BJJ. One of the requirements to receive a blue belt at Superhero Jiu Jitsu Academy is to be  fluent in these sets.

-Via Eddie Bravo,

Here they are brothers and sisters, 8 different sets of warm ups, 4 a week, so every 2 weeks the 8 sets will loop. I am requiring everyone at HQ to memorize these warm ups so that I can spend less time teaching them and more time drilling them. These videos have no teaching in them, they are for reference only. I will cover the techniques in detail in upcoming MTS episodes.


Each warm up set should take no more than the first 15 minutes of class. It will take the whole class to teach the warm ups for a while but once you commit to it, within 2 months your classes will hit the 15 minute mark, then you can use the remaining 45 minutes for whatever you were teaching before, like squeezing necks.

The main purpose of the beginners classes at HQ is to master the warm ups, so that the transition to the advanced classes is as seamless as possible. If you are dropping in you must contact me or the front desk person and we will give you links to the warm ups we will be doing the days you visit. Drop ins are required to watch the videos as many times necessary to emulate.

Commit the first 15 minutes of your classes to these warm ups and every single one of your dedicated students will be masters of, and I really do mean masters of ALL these techniques, like these passes: knee slice from full guard, fly over, flip over, M1, kneeling M1, M2, M3, leg drag, standing/kneeling underpass, no hand pass, dominator, twister pass, plus 5 mount escapes, 3 of the most important side control escapes, plus you will be a ninja at snatching lockdowns, your 1/4 guard game will be strong as well.

You’ll have an insane marcelotine, straight ankle lock and your rolling kimura will be ultra sick, and don’t forget the open guards, you will all have a strong base in guards that aren’t my forte but I think are important to ad the system like deep half, X guard, spiral guard and everyone will also have the nogi berimbolo from DLR in their arsenal, EVERYONE. This is all in the warm ups.

Commit to these warm ups and you will also move like a Cirque Du Soleil freak on the ground once your Granbys are perfected, getting inverted with your Granbys professionally is VITAL for guard recovery. And don’t forget to ad butterflies, everyone will have pharmaceutical grade butterflies, and I even added Marcelo’s 2 on 1 butterfly game. Just doing the warm ups will insure your transitions to the truck from under passes are black belt level and that’s one of the most sophisticated transitions in the system.

Commit to these warm ups, commit the first 15 minutes of your class to his curriculum and you and your students will be masters of all these techniques within a few years. Every single one.

The rubber guard is the brain of the system, the lockdown game the heart. The twister is the balls of the system, and spider web the blood. And the skeleton of the 10th Planet HQ jiu jitsu figher, the base, the foundation, the bones of the system are now the 10pHQ Warm Ups.